KINTO ONE Product Summary

I. What is KINTO ONE?

KINTO ONE is a plan where a customer can enjoy driving a vehicle of his/her choice for three (3) years. The plan provides a full range of services for customers at a flat monthly rate. The service includes : the price of the vehicle, KINTO-selected options (accessories), registration-related fees, automobile acquisition tax, taxes and insurance required during the contract term (vehicle tax, automobile weight tax, compulsory auto liability insurance, voluntary insurance), and maintenance cost (inspection, repair, etc.).

Ⅱ.How it works

(1) Steps from application to delivery

After concluding the contract online, the customer can complete the remaining steps until the delivery of the vehicle by mail and telephone.

  1. STEP 1

    From application to conclusion of contract

  2. STEP 2

    Registration documents

    Once it becomes clear when the vehicle can be delivered, the customer-specified dealership will send relevant documents for the registration of the vehicle. The customer will be asked to fill out the forms and prepare identification.

  3. STEP 3

    Notification of delivery date & Schedule arrangement

  4. STEP 4

    Handover of the vehicle at the dealership

    After receiving the vehicle, the customer is advised to log in to the My KINTO page and press “Completion of Delivery” button and read notes and instructions.

(2) Maintenance

The customer can refer to the regular maintenance schedule on the customer’s dedicated web page (My KINTO) at any time.
When the maintenance day draws near, the dealership will notify the customer.
Once the maintenance day is set, the customer is asked to drive the vehicle to the customer-specified dealership on that day.

(3) When a contract term expires

When a contract term expires, the customer will either sign a new contract or return the vehicle.

  • *
    The contract allows the customer to drive up to 1,500km a month, a total of 54,000km over the three-year term.
    If the mileage allowance is exceeded, extra fees will apply.
  • *
    The customer will be asked to return the vehicle in the original condition. We might charge some cost for such cases as: when the condition of the vehicle requires a repair or cleaning; or if the repair history lowers the value of the vehicle.

(4) Contract term

Each contract term for the KINTO ONE service is six (6) months on the assumptions that the contract is automatically renewed for five (5) times (total thirty-six (36) months.)

(Contract summary, insurance, etc)

I. Summary of the KINTO ONE contract

・The KINTO ONE Contract (hereinafter referred to as “the Contract”) is a contract under which KINTO Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) becomes the owner of a vehicle selected by a customer (hereinafter referred to as “the Customer”) from models applicable to the Contract and the Customer is registered as the user before it leases the vehicle with the Company-specified maintenance service and automobile insurance included for a fixed period (up to thirty-six (36) months). Please note that all applications are subject to screening by TOYOTA FINANCE CORPORATION.

・The Contract shall be renewed every six (6) months from the day of the registration of the vehicle (six (6) months, twelve (12) months, eighteen (18) months, twenty (24) months, thirty (30) months). Unless otherwise requested by the Customer, the Contract shall be renewed automatically in principle. (This is a three-year plan at the maximum. The contract shall not be extended further than that.)

・At the expiration of the three-year (thirty-six (36) months) contract, the Customer’s dealership representative will notify the Customer of the end of the service and how to return the vehicle.

The Customer is advised to set the return date and confirm the procedure before returning the vehicle.
The Customer shall return the vehicle before the contract expires (=vehicle inspection certificate expiration date.)
Depending on the vehicle conditions, the Customer shall be asked to pay special adjustment fees as specified below.

  1. (1)
    If the distance traveled exceeds 54,000km (1,500km / month), the Customer shall pay 10 yen/km for the excessive mileage.
  2. (2)
    If a third-party appraisal deducts more than 100 points for interior/exterior conditions or repairs, the Customer shall pay 1,000 yen/point for the excess points.
  3. (3)
    If the vehicle is not returned by the end of the lease term, the Customer shall be charged leasing fee for the exceeding period until the vehicle is returned.

・The service based on the Contract assumes that the Customer will continue to drive the vehicle for up to three years with automatically renewed contracts, which enables the fees to be low and evenly distributed across the contract term in the form of a fixed monthly fee (monthly lease payment).
In the event that the Contract is not renewed in a contract renewal month, the Customer shall pay an adjustment fee depending on the number of months passed as shown in the chart below.

Contract Renewal Month Adjustment fee
Sixth (6th) month Five (5) months’ worth of monthly lease fee
Twelfth (12th) month Four (4) months’ worth of monthly lease fee
Eighteenth (18th) month Three (3) months’ worth of monthly lease fee
Twenty-fourth (24th) month Two (2) months’ worth of monthly lease fee
Thirtieth (30th) month One (1) month’ worth of monthly lease fee

・In the event that the Customer requests an early termination of the Contract before a six-month contract term, the Customer shall pay the lease fee for the remaining months in that term in addition to the adjustment fee and shall return the vehicle.
The Customer shall be exempted from paying the remaining lease fee for the six-month term or an adjustment fee for not renewing the contract, only on the occurrence of any of the following events.

  1. i)
    The Lessee dies.
  2. ii)
    The lessee gets injured or develops diseases, resulting in any of the following conditions:
    1. A.
      The lessee becomes disabled and receives a disability certificate*1.
    2. B.
      The lessee becomes certified by the municipal government as being in need of care under the public nursing care insurance system*2.
    3. C.
      The lessee is diagnosed with injuries/diseases assessed to require 90 days to recover by his/her doctor; except if the conditions are chronic and do not negatively affect the lessee’s ability to drive.
  3. iii)
    The lessee returns his/her driving license as a result of the fact that his/her driving/cognitive abilities become his/her driving/cognitive abilities become worse.
  4. iv)
    Under Article1 paragraph (1)-i, (1)-i-2, or (1)-ii of Japan’s Road Traffic Act, the lessee’s driving license is denied or withheld.
  5. v)
    The lessee moves out of Japan or becomes a non-resident of Japan due to his/her business assignment.
  6. vi)
    For a reason other than (i) to (v) stated above, if KINTO determines that the specific condition the Customer claims should be deemed as reason enough to make it difficult for the lessee to continue driving or using the vehicle.
  1. *1
    A disability certificate refers to a physical disability certificate, an intellectual disability certificate, or a mental disability certificate.
  2. *2
    The public nursing care insurance system refers to the nursing care insurance system under the Long-Term Care Insurance Act.

・The Customer cannot conclude the KINTO ONE contract (leasing contract) via this website without agreeing to Terms of Use of this website.

II. Insurance and Compensation included in the KINTO product

・In the case of an accident, payment will be made within the coverage specified below. (Limited only to drivers permitted by the lessee: e.g. A family member living together )

  1. (1)
    Bodily injury liability: Unlimited per person
  2. (2)
    Property damage liability: Unlimited per accident
  3. (3)
    Personal injury: Up to JPY 50,000,000
  4. (4)
    Vehicle damage: Limit per accident: Up to the amount stipulated in the lease contract. (Deductible: 50,000 yen per accident. The same amount applies to a second time and beyond.)

・Instances where the insurance / compensation is not applicable

  1. (1)
    When the Customer does not report the accident to the police.
  2. (2)
    When the Customer does not return the vehicle by the expiration of the contract term and gets caught in an accident.
  3. (3)
    Damages caused by driving without a driving license, drunk driving, or driving under the influence of a drug.
  4. (4)
    Damages caused by an earthquake, volcanic eruption or the subsequent tsunami.
  5. (5)
    When there is any violation of the terms of the Lease contract or any act defined as a banned behavior.
  6. (6)
    Any other instance which is included in the disclaimer clause.

III. For a Customer with foreign citizenship

・Anyone with foreign citizenship who wishes to apply for this service will have to satisfy all of the following conditions.

  1. (1)
    Hold a valid Japanese driving license.
  2. (2)
    Can obtain his/her residence certificate, or signature certificate issued by embassy.
  3. (3)
    Intend to agree to the KINTO contract (three years at the maximum) and understand the content stipulated by “Terms of Use / Act on Specified Commercial Transactions.”

・ Attention for a Customer with foreign citizenship

  1. (1)
    The vehicle can be used only in Japan.
  2. (2)
    The Contract shall be governed by Japan’s laws and shall be superseded by the Japanese-language version of “Terms of Use / Act on Specified Commercial Transactions”.